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The Three Steps to Your Ideal Financial Future

At Lake Hills, we believe there are three important steps to achieve financial freedom.

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    Create a Roadmap
    A Roadmap is key when traveling to an unfamiliar destination just as a financial plan is crucial to achieving your ideal financial future. Our team will work together with you to lay out the step-by-step directions on how to reach all your financial goals.
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    Implement an Adaptive Investment Strategy
    As the seasons and weather conditions change, so will your wardrobe. Similarly, when economic conditions change, so should the investments in your portfolio. Our team will develop an investment portfolio that is designed with your goals in mind and one that will adapt to the constant economic changes ahead.
  • 3
    Monitor Progress and Make Proactive Changes
    Nothing in life is constant except for change. Sometimes change can bring happiness and prosperity and other times it can bring sadness and hardship. For this reason, we will meet regularly to track your progress, discuss any life, and goal changes, review new opportunities, and if necessary, make proactive adjustments to keep you on track.
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Tested risk management to protect your wealth.

Adaptive Investment Strategies

Seasons Change…
So Should Your Investments...

When the tree leaves morph from vibrant greens to warm browns and yellows, it’s a sign that fall is here, and winter is near. These cyclical changes are much the same in the economy which can greatly affect your investment returns.

By paying attention to the changes in the economy, we can better help you prepare for financial storms by adjusting the level of risk in your portfolio that is appropriate for the economic season ahead.

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See How We Help Create Your Ideal Financial Future

Here are a few hypothetical examples of typical clients we service.



With your retirement in sight within the next ten years, we will develop a plan to ensure you are taking advantage of your company benefits so you can retire on your terms without the worry of running out of money in the future.
Business owners

Business owners

Retirement planning can be tricky enough on its own, but when you own a business, it can be even harder to manage. We will design a financial plan with income taxes in mind, so you can retire on your terms while also successfully transitioning the business to the next generation or whomever you choose.


As a widow or widower, we understand this transition can be challenging given the number of critical financial decisions that must be made. As your advisor, we will help guide you through this transitional period by providing you with a personalized action plan to sustain your current and future financial needs.


Financial planning is important enough when you’re single, but when you have a family, planning financially for the future is even more crucial. We can help you map out a plan to accomplish your family’s current financial goals while also building sustainable wealth for future generations.

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How Whole Wealth Management Paves a Path to Financial Independence

Financial planning is vital for everyone, but high-net-worth individuals have more at stake. Whole wealth management, or comprehensive financial planning, helps you preserve and grow your assets through every stage of life.

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Active Investment Management
Active Investment Management
Using our proprietary indicators, we adjust YOUR portfolio risk to match the current economic cycle.
We are legally bound to put YOUR interests ahead of our own.
Our simple and transparent fee schedule aligns YOUR interests with ours.
CFP<sup>®</sup> Professionals
CFP® Professionals
Only 25% of U.S. financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professionals.*

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