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Lake Hills Wealth Management is a fee-only Wealth Management firm based in Austin, Texas with a combined 50+ years of experience. We specialize in helping high-net-worth families achieve and maintain financial freedom by actively adjusting portfolio risk while delivering proactive planning and advice. 

After more than a decade of working in the financial services industry, we discovered three shortcomings with how most financial advisors conducted business, so we set out to create the ideal wealth management firm from the client’s perspective

First, we created a data-dependent investment management process to actively adjust portfolio risk, with the goal being to decrease stock exposure prior to economic slowdowns and recessions. 

Second, they lacked the ability to equally manage each client’s portfolio, often prioritizing their top-tier client’s portfolio above others. We have the systems in place which allow us to make portfolio changes simultaneously for each client, so every client receives the same level of care. 

Third, most advisors were commission-based, meaning they can sell products that pay high commissions to the advisor which may not be in the best interest of the client.  As a fee-only firm, we do not sell any products. We charge a simple and transparent fee that aligns your interest with ours.  

We have set out to create the ideal wealth management firm from the client’s perspective. 

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